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Should Credit Leverage Be Used and How Does it Work?

Credit leverage is a service like altcoin signals, which is a loan in the form of money provided to the trader for a transaction. The size of the loan can exceed the amount of the trader’s deposit by 10, 20, 100 and more times. By analogy with the law of physics, leverage gives the trader an opportunity to make deals that he would not be able to make with his own funds alone.

Making transactions on the exchange with the use of leverage is called margin trading. It represents the conclusion of purchase and sale transactions with the use of borrowed funds pledged against a certain amount, which is called a margin. In other words, to use the service of leverage, it is necessary to have a minimum amount of deposit (set by broker), which will be a pledge. read more

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What Cryptocurrency and How Much Should You Invest?

Experts and banking specialists are still unable to assess the wisdom of investing in cryptocurrency. However, those enthusiasts who believe in the future growth of bitcoin are making a profit right now. The use of the currency is gaining momentum because of the large number of useful ways to implement it. The number of users who have linked their business with Bitcoin is growing.
Cryptocurrency trade experts predict the value of cryptocurrencies will grow. However, there may be periods of “stagnation” when positions will not change, or a time of non-critical decline. It is also worth bearing in mind that long-term investments from a year bring great benefit to the investor and almost never go bust, while short-term investments will be quite unprofitable in the event of a temporary drop in prices. read more

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What Exchange to Choose for Crypto-Trading?

Investing or trading in cryptocurrencies scares many people at first. This is because there are often news stories about fraud and people losing money in this field. While this is true, and many cases of fraud have occurred in the past and continue to occur, investing and safely trading cryptocurrency on the exchange has never been easier than it is today.
There are a lot of exchanges such as:
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Crypto Trading in 2022 for Beginners: a Brief Guide

Altcoins, i.e. all cryptocurrencies excluding bitcoin, have been attracting a lot of crypto-traders and crypto-investors – both experienced and beginners. The latter are certainly interested in the opportunity to make a fortune in a short time, but like any emerging unregulated market, altcoins carry a lot of risks. The number of existing cryptocurrencies and tokens has long exceeded a thousand. With every new ICO, another token emerges. Some of them are quite promising, others have long made a name for themselves, while others are created solely to quickly enrich their developers. Altcoin exchanges are also present in the cryptocurrency market in huge numbers, so a novice trader risks getting completely lost in this variety. All this makes cryptocurrency trading a potentially profitable but equally dangerous activity. read more

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