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What Exchange to Choose for Crypto-Trading?

Investing or trading in cryptocurrencies scares many people at first. This is because there are often news stories about fraud and people losing money in this field. While this is true, and many cases of fraud have occurred in the past and continue to occur, investing and safely trading cryptocurrency on the exchange has never been easier than it is today.
There are a lot of exchanges such as:


All of them have their advantages and disadvantages.




Bittrex is an American exchange that may be of interest to users who put security of money above user experience. In addition, Bittrex has probably the largest number of altcoins. Another significant plus of this trading platform – a simple enough procedure of verification, as a result of which you can increase the volume of the maximum withdrawal per day up to 100 BTC. That is significantly more than, say, Poloniex – the main competitor of Bittrex on the altcoin market. The disadvantages of the exchange include the slow work of the support service.


Known among traders simply as “Polo,” it is one of the most famous altcoin exchanges offering a huge number of cryptocurrency pairs. It does, however, require a two-level verification process if the user intends to withdraw amounts above $2,000 per day. Many users criticise the exchange’s support team for its slowness. It was also repeatedly noted in the community that the exchange administration may be involved in some fraud, primarily related to Ethereum Classic, as well as managed pumps and dumps. But overall Poloniex has a pretty good reputation.


This exchange with registration in Hong Kong leads both in the number of unique users (6,186,162 per month) and trading volume – $8,415,631,712 per day. Binance offers 764 currency pairs for trading.The fast-growing crypto exchange is special because it has its own coin – BNB. It is used to pay commissions, keep the ecosystem running and staking .

The exchange also offers low commissions (at 0.1%) and fast transaction processing (up to 1.4 million transactions per second). Any cryptocurrency can be deposited freely and without commission. Verification at the service is not required.



Thanks to its simple interface and contactable technical support, this platform has interested a large number of clients in a short period of time. The platform is designed in such a way that every user can get access to the latest news about the financial market and even get an expert opinion at any time. This feature distinguishes it from other platforms and allows clients to earn even more.

In addition, the platform boasts an excellent training base. Users can find a large number of video lectures, various materials and convenient feedback. A demo account is offered for practising investing and strategizing. This platform covers a large number of different markets and more than hundreds of cryptocurrency investors have already shown confidence in it.



There are a lot of exchange platforms which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right one is the first step into the cryptocurrency world.

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